Thank you so much for considering offering your spare room/time/money. This is really amazing and important that we stand together in Bristol to support one another as fellow human beings. Please read on to see how you can help!

Watch a short video here

Some general information and FAQs:

Those waiting at Calais have no ‘legal route’ to enter the UK so are stuck there until they can get on a lorry/train. We cannot bring them directly from Calais to host them in the UK.

Unaccompanied Children; Social services are responsible and put unaccompanied children up via their fostering service. You can apply to foster unaccompanied asylum seeking children via social services adoption and fostering team.

The UK asylum system: Those asylum seekers who get to Britain are provided with accommodation on a no choice basis and support of £36 a week while their asylum claim is assessed. If at first attempt they are refused and their appeal is refused they become destitute. Many destitute asylum seekers have no safe route of return and are still very much in fear for their life (they just haven’t got enough evidence to convince the Home Office). A stay with a host household can ensure that they are able to gather evidence to make a fresh asylum claim and so re-enter government support and hopefully be granted status. In Bristol we estimate there are around 100 destitute asylum seekers. Most are accommodated by friends from their own ethnic community. Some are hosted by people in Bristol with a spare room through our network. Could you be one of them?

Syrian refugees in camps in Lebanon and Jordan and Turkey: We hope to be able to bring people directly from Lebanon/Turkey refugee camps very soon through the Syrian Resettlement Campaign which is run in Bristol by Citizens UK (contact Lynn Joon Goh (lynn@inbetweentime.co.uk). This would avoid the dangerous over sea and land routes through Europe that are in the news so would be a great thing to happen so please get involved in their campaign via Lynn.

How can I help?

– Sign up to our email news updates and like us on facebook, so that we can keep in touch with you about what help is needed

– Offer a spare room in your house to a destitute asylum seeker in Bristol (most are single men aged between 25 and 50). We do not encourage families with children to host because there is no way of ‘vetting’ our members to safeguard your children.

– Rent out a room and pay BHN the money you raise to provide BHN with financial support to run its men’s hostel (with this one you get invited to dinner at the men’s house regularly so you can make good relationships with the guys but not host them directly)

– Give a donation regularly to BHN to help us run our men’s hostel, drop in on Mondays and solidarity fund to give those with no money at all £10 a week to live on. If you want to make a monthly donation by standing order, then please contact us.

Alternatively you can make a one off or regular donation online now by clicking Donate

Contact us

If you would like to help, please contact Rachael Bee; our manager, to discuss how. She can be contacted on 07734 347817 or by email wearebhn [at] gmail.com


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