A number of BHN members have joined many friends walking to Cardiff UKBA to raise awareness of the need for all asylum seekers to be treated with dignity rather than repression and abuse by the UK.

Here is the words of the marchers themselves!

Walking Together to End Injustices against Asylum Seekers

In the many countries we come from our lives were in danger. We were forced to leave to seek safety. We have walked long dangerous journeys to get here. Many people lost their lives along the way. We are walking to the Home Office in Cardiff because we need them to change the unjust laws that cause us much suffering.
Asylum Seekers have the right to be safe.
We are an advantage to the UK. Instead, we have to wait too many years for an answer to our asylum claim, not allowed to work in the meantime. We have to live on £5 a day, in temporary housing, not allowed to work, which is all very difficult and many of us become unwell.
We want a Just Asylum System
The home office wrongly refuses our asylum cases, all support is cut and we are not allowed to work. We are made destitute – left with nothing, yet we cannot return to our country of origin as we fear for our life. We are scapegoated for problems we did not cause.
End Forced Destitution of Asylum Seekers
We fear being locked up in a detention centres and deported to danger. They are imprisoning and punishing people for seeking asylum.
Stop detentions and deportations
Here are some photos of the send off they had on Thursday at the Malcolm X centre. Well done everybody!
2014-05-29 15.37.27

Everybody outside Malcolm X on Thursday.

2014-05-29 15.20.22-2

Paddington Bear: Migration is not a crime.

2014-05-29 16.01.52-2

Walking down Stokes Croft.

2014-05-29 16.05.21-2



There is still time to sign their petition on 38Degrees. Please click on the following link: DIGNITY AND JUSTICE FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS.


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