Weekly Cuban Salsa Classes to start 5th October 2011

BHN is starting an exciting new skill sharing, fundraising initiative. 2 of the guys we are currently hosting are Cuban and have agreed to teach Salsa and give all the profits to BHN to help our destitution fund.

This will mean we can afford to give more than the current 4 people £10 a week to meet essential living needs.

Classes will be held at Easton Community Centre on Kilburn Street (end of Chelsea Road) 8.15 pm wednesdays starting 5th Oct. £4 per session.

Screen printing worskshops begin!

BHN have just started an exciting project working with our service users to learn screen printing skills. The workshops will be running weekly on Wednesdays at 2.00pm and currently supports the residents at the Fishponds community house.

After the success of the previously sold ‘migration is not a crime’ t-shirt, we felt it would be exciting to explore the possibility of selling more printed designs that had been created by the asylum seekers and refugees we work with. Not only could be a way for them to contribute to the running costs of the house, as well as raising awareness of the charity and the needs of these communities but we mainly hope people will feel empowered, gain a greater sense of achievement and purpose, and improve their mental well-being by expressing themselves creatively.

On Monday 10/07/11 we ran our first introduction to printmaking workshop. Made possible with the help from Nat, of Stereograph (a new arts organisation that offer a portable photographic screen printing workshop for communities) who offered his time to teach the house residents about the printmaking process. The group responded well, were very keen to be involved and enjoyed the process. Below are some pictures from the day.

We would also like to thank our very generous volunteer Hannah for making this happen.


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